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I'm Joe Cook, and I've had lots of experience with adult dating sites like I've probably joined about 20 different adult dating sites over the years, including Fling, SexSearch, HornyMatches, AmateurMatch, BritishSexContacts, BeNaughty, XXXBlackBook, Rudester, the works! (I've linked out to some reviews of these sites so you can read all about them - check out the user reviews on these sites for the real lowdown). I've gotta tell you, most ofthese sites are utter crap. I signed up and got bombarded with messages from gorgeous girls asking me to contact them, which I had to upgrade my membership in order to do, then as soon as I signed up, the messages stopped. The girls that were contacting me before suddenly lost interest and stopped contacting me and wouldn't reply to my messages. What a scam! And what a mug I was to fall for that - the oldest trick in the book. Basically, these girls' profiles were fake. They were scammers, just trying to get me to hand over my hard earned cash.

If you don't believe me, here's a little test you can do... Sign up to one of these sites, and complete your profile info. Put in your profile that you're an 90 year old man with one arm, one leg, a tiny penis, chronic flatulence, a body odour problem and a major obesity disorder. Say that in your spare time you like to visit prostitutes and have several STDs. Then upload a picture of Yoda to go with your profile! Then sit back and just watch the messages roll in from all these unbelieveably hot women in your area who can't wait to meet up with you! Amazing! These women all have a few things in common - they have barely any information filled out on their profiles and only have 1 or possibly 2 profile pictures that look like they were taken in a studio. The long and the short of it is that these are fake profiles that are only there to get you to part with your hard earned cash, which you will have to do in order to contact them.

But not all adult dating sites are like this. There are many that are bona fide sites that will legitimately help you get laid. AdultXXXDate is one of these sites. It belongs to the same network as AdultFriendFinder and XMatch, and as such has the largest database of adult dating members in the world, so they don't need to email you with fake messages to get you to upgrade. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you should upgrade instead. We give Adult XXX Date our gold award for sheer number of members - over 90 million at the time of this review! To put it another way, there are moe people on AdultXXXDate than there are in some countries!


Once you join Adult XXX Date, you'll be prompted to fil out your profile info, which you can do quickly and easily using the little profile writer tool that they supply for you (although I recommend being a bit more creative than that). Then you can upload pictures and/or videos of yourself if you have any. You'll get a couple of welcome emails from the team at AdultXXXDate at first, and you'll also get an email every week with your latest online matches, but that's it! No email bombardment from hundreds of fake profiles filling up your inbox inviting you to contact them, which you'll have to upgrade in order to do. Nothing like that at all! How very refreshing! Instead, you'll have to make the first move, which is far more realistic.

I had lots of success with Adult XXX Date, and I'm just an average looking Joe (an average looking Joe Cook actually!). AdultXXXDate is not just rated as the best adult dating site, it is also rated as the best swinger site online!

Don't just take my word for it! Do your research, as you would when you were buying anything else online and check out some of the reviews, like this AdultXXXDate review from

Check it out and see what you think!

Joe Cook.


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